Saturday, July 23, 2011

Funny things from a 3 year old

Grant has had quite the imagination the last few days. I am not sure where it is all coming from but it is pretty funny. Here are a few of the conversations that we have had the last couple of mornings:

Monday morning:
Me, "Grant, what would like like for breakfast?"
Grant after some thinking, "Ummm tiger's blood."
Me, "Tiger's blood, how about this?" holding up a bottle of ketchup after some quick thinking that eggs would be good.
Grant, "That is not tiger's blood that is ketchup."
Me, "I don't think we have any tiger's blood."
Grant, "We do mom it is hiding."

The only thing that I can gather is that he is referring to a shaved ice flavor that one of his cousins got while we were in Utah a couple of weeks ago.

Thursday morning:
Grant, "Mom I want juice." (juice = soda at our house)
Me, "No, you can have milk."
Grant, "No, the milk is still sleeping."
Me, "It is sleeping?"
Grant opening the fridge, "See mom it is still sleeping."

He is our Stinker.

We love our little Linker Stinker. He is growing up so fast and is now 15 months. Here are some of Lincoln's favorite things:

Walking: He started walking a few weeks ago and has just taken off. He walks with his belly sticking out and hardly bends his knees. Mike and I just laugh at him.

Teasing: Yes, he is starting to torment Grant and it is so funny. Linc knows what he is doing and he makes Grant so mad sometimes.

Grant: He still loves Grant to death and will follow Grant around the house. When Grant asks Lincoln to come here Lincoln usually obeys.

Babbling: Lincoln isn't talking much but he does no how to say 'NO' already. He also says 'Dad' sometimes and 'what'. He is also starting to communicate on showing us things that he needs or wants. When he is thirsty he goes to the fridge and pulls on the handle and whines. When he wants something on a shelf or a toy he can't reach he puts his hands together to form a cup and then whines.

Dancing: Oh boy does this boy love to dance. Any music he hears he usually does a shimmy or he starts swinging his arm back and forth.

Tantrums: This boy knows how to throw tantrums already. He gets made a something at he just starts hitting the ground. Or if he gets mad at you then he hits you and most of the time it is in the face. One Sunday he didn't like that Mike was making him obey so he ended up hitting Mike a few different times. Oh it is so naughty.