Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cousin Time

We have got a great fill of family over the last two weeks and my boys have been in heaven. After the ranch my sister and her family came for a visit in Arizona. Yes, they are a little crazy because who likes to visit Arizona when the temperature is as high as 110 degrees. Don't worry they spent a lot of time indoors and at the pool.

Splash park fun.

Lauren, Dylan, Jake, and Grant taking a break at the splash park.

Karidy loving Lincoln. Lincoln for sure wasn't deprived of any attention.

On our way to the D-backs game.

Mike, Grant and Lauren enjoying the baseball game. I gave Grant my old softball glove to take to the game with us because I thought it would be a good distraction. He loved it and wouldn't put it down. We may have to get him his very own glove.

Jake, Matt, Linc, and Dylan.


This year Mike's family decided to have the family reunion at the ranch. The ranch is a few hours northeast of Mesa and where Mike's grandparents live for the summer to get away from the heat. Mike spent most of his summers playing at the ranch and now loves that he has a couple of boys to share in the experience.

Grant enjoying a walk with Katie and Clark. Don't worry the apples never got dropped on the ground or had to be brushed off through the whole walk. (wink wink)

Playing at the red barn.

We love those cousins.

Climbing the mountain while waiting for the fireworks.

Playing games with all the kids. (Thanks Daniel for the entertainment)

Grant's first real experience with fireworks. He loved them. I wasn't sure if he would get scared by the loud noise or not. So just before they started I told him it would be loud and it would sound like a gun. During the show he would make cute little comments about the fireworks. After the show we were walking to our car and he told me "Boom, Boom and a gun."

Lincoln enjoyed all the attention.

A little boy completely in heaven.