Sunday, February 26, 2012

Our Little Presidents

It all started out with one little President named Grant then we added Lincoln (aka Stinker) and now we will be making it 3 little Presidents.  The new Mr. President will be arriving around July 27th.  Please feel free to throw in your vote for names because there are now only 42 names to choose from.     

Saturday Fun

Saturdays we have been getting out of the house and enjoying the weather (even if it is cold).  The boys are learning to be good hikers and come along for the ride. 

Montezuma Castle

The boys enjoying Montezuma Castle. 

Montezuma Well


Hiking Day



Grant exploring with Mike trying to find the perfect sword (aka stick).


Linc didn't want his picture take once he got in the backpack I guess.  He eventually fell asleep half way through the hike.  Poor kid he just looked so uncomfortable. 

My Superhero Turns 4

Grant has really been into Superheros lately so we decided to throw him a superhero themed party.  Since Christmas Grant asked everyday if today was his birthday.  I guess 4 was a big birthday for him and he couldn't wait.  Grant's birthday fell in the middle of the week and Mike surprised us on coming home.  It was a great surprise because the kids had been sick and I was at my wits end. 

We had Grant's party on the Saturday following his birthday.  He invited a few of his friends from preschool and from our neighborhood.  I made everybody capes and masks for all the kids.  We had a few girls coming so I made them all Wonder Woman capes.

The kids arrived and received their capes and masks and then were given a lunch bag full of lunch goodies.  Grant requested a honey sandwich for lunch so that is what all the kids had.  (I bought the custom tags off of etsy for a few dollars and they turned out great.) 


After lunch we played pin the superhero on the city.  The kids thought it was great.  Only a few of the kids actually missed the city. 

All the kids showing off their superheros.

Grant loved his cake.  I wish I could take credit for the cute idea but I actually found it on pinterest.  Thanks to the marshmallow fondant that I had stashed in my freezer I was able to pull the cake off pretty quick. 

Mike was in charge of the last activity because it was a superhero obstacle course.  It was supposed to be a nice day but the it was windy and cold.  The kids didn't care because Mike had set up an amazing obstacle course.  The kids LOVED it and actually ran the course several different times. 

We decided to give Grant a bike for his birthday.  He was NOT excited about it at all.  He had his eye on an orange gun at Walmart and was completely devastated when he didn't get his orange gun and got his bike instead.  He eventually came around and he loves his bike now. 

Cam & Esther come for a visit

Cam and Esther came for a visit just after Christmas.  It was fun to have them and the boys loved having them around.  We took a hike one day down to Sycamore Creek Canyon. 

Throwing rocks in the water.


Christmas Morning

Christmas morning was way too exciting for our boys this year.  They loved it and couldn't wait for Santa to come.  We were worried that Grant would wake up in the middle of the night and see his gifts.  However, he was exhausted enough that he didn't get up.  Grant was the first to wake up and we brought him into our room and waited for Lincoln to wake up.  Once Lincoln woke up it was time to see what Santa brought us. 

Time to go see what Santa brought.  Grant super excited.

 Lincoln found his stash.  He loved his Elmo guitar.  It was the best and worst present.  He would walk around playing it all over the house.  The worst part is there is not a volume control and Elmo gets pretty annoying after awhile. 

Taking the buggy for a ride in the house.  Grant was so excited to drive it and caught on really really fast. 

Opening presents. 

 Test drive outside.  The boys loved it and couldn't wait to get back from church and ride it all over the neighborhood.

Ready for church.  We had a little trauma when we got to church and the Elmo guitar couldn't come into church along with the shield.  Lincoln cried all the way into church because he had to leave the guitar in the car.