Friday, October 30, 2009

Give Away

My company is currently giving away 3 pairs of earrings t0 3 different people.

Go here to find more details on how to enter.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

360 Tour

Last night Mike and I got to go to the U2 concert. Can I just tell you that I have NEVER EVER been disappointed with one of their shows. Bono, The Edge, Larry, and Adam put on quite a show. Last night they played for over 2 hours straight - no breaks. And how amazing do you have to be to actually have the Black Eyed Peas open for you. Fergie was pretty awesome too; boy that girl can really sing.

(The stag was massive and was just WOW!)

Mike and I got off to a rough start being stuck in traffic FOREVER. As most of you know I am a HUGE U2 fan and so being stuck in traffic missing any part of the show was very very stressful. I didn't pay money to sit on the freeway or in the parking lot for almost 2 hours. When we finally did get to the parking lot Mike kicked me out of the car. (It is ok I totally deserved it because I just kept yelling at the stupid traffic directors and I don't do very well in traffic with Mike driving.)

Then to make matters worse I see a guy coming out of the bushes pulling up his pants and doing up his belt. Really he did just use the bathroom in the bushes when we were so close to the stadium. At that point I had had enough. I shook my head at him and and said "You are disgusting!" He told me he couldn't wait and I pointed to the building and said it is right there you couldn't wait that long. This was his direct quote "Well that is like 300 yards away and I just couldn't make it." Really dude really it wasn't even that far away and plus you are 50 not some little kid that can't hold it.

The night did end GREAT and we left during the very very last song (we heard most of it walking around the stadium). I just didn't want to get stuck in the parking lot and Mike for sure didn't want to get stuck in the parking lot with me again or I may have had to walk home.

Black Eyed Peas

Black Eye Peas
(Sorry it is pretty crappy video)

U2 AMAZING. When Can I see you again????

(I told Mike in Paris 2010, but I don't know if he will go for that.)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Clean Clean Clean

So what is your favorite cleaning product? We all have one that we love and that we would hate to give up. Or maybe you have a special trick to save some time on tasks that you really hate.

I hate ironing. I am to much of a perfectionist when it comes to ironing so it takes me forever. For a long time I just took everything to the dry cleaners because I thought it was easier and saved me a ton of time. I would drop them off in the morning and then I would pick them up on my way home from work. Now that is a huge time saver. However, when I had Grant it was a different story and the dry cleaner wasn't really cleaning the clothes like I wanted. So for a little while I would wash them myself and still take them to the dryer cleaner for another clean and press. But I was still disappointed and decided that I should probably save the $25 a month and just do it myself. Don't get me wrong there are still some items that I have to take to the cleaners because washing them just doesn't work (I tried but it was a failed attempt).

Are you asking yourself what I use to save time on the ironing. Well I still don't iron and only iron when I have too. I actually use liquid starch. I mix 1/2 water and 1/2 liquid starch in a spray bottle and spray my clothes when they come out of the dryer and then hang them up. It works miracles. Of course you don't get the clean pressed lines that I like but it works great for t-shirts and pants. Give it a try....

Tell me what is your favorite cleaning product or cleaning tip???

Thursday, October 1, 2009

No Spend Month - 30 Day EMBARRASMENT

Ok, I have been dreading this post because after the last post it just went down hill from there. Mike was such a great sport and would really try hard to save money when he was grocery shopping. The last time we did no spend month I did the grocery shopping and I did the cooking. However, roles were reversed this time because of my ear infection and now the current virus (cough, runny nose, and lots of congestion) I am trying to fight. Mike did a great job grocery shopping of resiting all those yummy snacks, but when it comes to getting creative in the kitchen that just isn't him. Don't get me wrong he will make things that I pull out and give him a recipe for but I was just too lazy to even do that.

So here is the dreaded news for the last two weeks (totals are only the last 1/2 of the month)

Grocery: $167

Gas: $72 (1 fill up for me and 1 of Mike)

Eating OUT: $65 (Yes, this was a killer. Ok, so I had a hard time liking my lunch that I brought to work and wouldn't eat it because it was leftovers that I have been eating for lunch the last 2 days. We also did get pizza one night because I didn't want to cook and Mike LOVES pizza and will pretty much do anything to have a pizza night - only Papa Johns.)

If any of you are adding up yes, we well exceeded our goal which was originally set at $300. Alright I know you all have your calculators out to see the amount we spent so I will just tell if you if you promise to put your calculators away (or maybe I am just the geek that has a calculator sitting by my computer for easy access). So the total for the month was $563. (Yes, it is small for a reason).

I know this month wasn't that big of a flop because we did spend less than normal and I will continue to try random NO spend months but hopefully we just won't be sick the next time.