Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thankful for the Smiles...

Ok, I don't know what parent doesn't love a kid's smile. Seeing children happy should make everybody happy and put a smile on their face. I know my kid's smile makes my day.

Grant just has the sweetest smile ever. I love just turning around in the car because he will usually smile at me. What more could I ask for from a 16 month old.

When I come home from work Grant is usually in the other room with Mike. Once Grant hears the door open he starts saying "Mama" and runs to the door to greet me. It is great. Most of the time I get a sweet smile and a full arm wave, but other times he is too busy sucking his thumb.

Grant has turned into a talking machine. He tries to say so many words and he also loves to make certain animal sounds (mooing, meowing, and crowing). I am not sure why he has such a fascination with cows, cats, and roosters but those are the only sounds that he will do on demand and when he sees pictures of them. Forget the names of the animals it is much better to actually repeat their sounds.

Grant also has a great appreciation for food. When he likes something a lot he will tell you by saying "mmmm". I am not sure where he learned that since Mike and I don't do that when we like our food. But for some reason Grant knows that is what you say when you really really like it.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Oh so Sweet....

Here are few pictures that were taken over the last couple of weeks.

Grant in his Easter outfit all ready to go to church.
Grant hanging out at Grandma & Grandpa Calder's house. WOW is he relaxed.

A couple of weeks ago Michelle and Jeff let us watch their girls while they went to the temple. Grant loved having friends come play at his house. Of course he had to learn how to share. However, he didn't have any problem sharing the love sac with Claire and Lydia. It was just too much fun watching a movie with your friends.

Claire, Lydia, & Grant
(Yes, my son likes to show off for the camera).

Grant loves when Kaden (Travis & Lauren's new baby) comes to play. Kaden thought Grant was so funny playing with the balloon. Of course Grant got a little too close at times but thankfully it was just a balloon and not the whisk or wooden spoon that he usually plays with.


We planted our garden in early March and it has really taken off. We have been getting some fruit from our plants the last couple of weeks. Mike even put up a fence to keep the "WILD ANIMALS" out (aka Grant).

Push Ups

Grant has been watching Mike using his push-up bars. Now of course Grant thinks that he is big and can do push-ups.

Below is the video of Grant duing push-ups and of course trying to get the camera.