Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Wedding

One of my best friends, Dianne, got married December 17th. The boys and I flew to Utah for the special event. It was such a great weekend. The wedding was beautiful and Dianne looked amazing. Her and Bryce look so happy together and I think they are just perfect for each other. I got to meet Bryce while I was in Utah in May when Dianne had just started dating him. He seems like a great guy and Dianne is SOOOO happy with him.  Thanks for letting me be part of your special day!!!!

Lincoln was so crabby during the wedding. However, as soon as he heard the guitar play he couldn't be happier. He just sat there and watched and watched. Thankfully the guitar player didn't mind too much.


We took the boys to see Santa in Clarkdale the first Saturday of December.  Grant was so excited.  We got there early so we didn't have to wait too long but that didn't work out because Santa was about 30 min late.  The boys got to make ornaments, drink hot chocolate and eat cookies. 


This year we had Thanksgiving at our house.  Every year we rotate between my family and Mike's family.  It was my family's year so I convinced everybody (well minus a few) to come to Arizona to enjoy the warm weather.  It also helps that Travis lives down here and it is always us traveling to Utah for holidays. 

We had a completely full house but it was so much fun to have everybody here and together. 


Grant had a Thanksgiving feast at preschool and this is what I sent.  During the feast they had to list a few things that they were thankful for and Grant listed chickens.  I guess my turkey looked more like a chicken than a turkey to a 3 year old. 

Here is our table settings for our Thanksgiving dinner.  I should have snapped a picture before it was time to eat but I was busy in the kitchen making food and completely spaced it. 

First Snow - November

Once it turned cold at our house Grant would always ask me if it was snowing.  So one weekend the mountains got snow so we took a drive to go play in the snow.  It was only a few inches but it was a 3 year olds dream. 

However, Linker on the other hand hated the snow and didn't even want to walk in it.  He just stood in one place whimpering until we saved him. 

Sunday Afternoon in October

It was a beautiful Sunday so we decided to head towards the mountains.  We stopped off at a small little lake and let the boys play around for awhile.  Lincoln really really wants to just jump in the water and we have to restrain him most of the time. 



We had a great Halloween.  Grant really got the whole process of trick or treating this year.  He was so excited to go get candy but I think he was most excited about handing it out.  Saturday before Halloween we went to the Stake Trunk or Treat.  I made the rounds with Grant and Linc collecting candy while Mike handed out candy at our car.  Once we got back to our car all of us helped hand out candy (well Lincoln was eating a sucker so he didn't help much).  Grant really enjoyed handing out candy.  At one point we ran out of candy and Grant reached in his bucket of candy and started handing that out.  It was so sweet to see him be so unselfish. 

Halloween night, Mike was back at work in Chandler and we stayed in Clarkdale.  We attended the trick or treating event in downtown Clarkdale and it was CRAZY busy.  Clarkdale provides all the candy to the houses downtown and closes off several of the streets.  It is a great idea but it gets super busy. 

Grant's favorite part was the house that was completely decked out in Peter Pan theme.  They had a boat, plank, and even a place for the lost boys.  Grant thought it was so great. 

(Grant, Addie, and Captain Hook)

We only stayed downtown for about 45 mins and then went home and we had a few trick or treaters stop by our house.  Grant made sure they kept their manners and told them to say thank you when they didn't say thank you.  He even thought some of the kids were too old (I think they drove themselves to our house).  All in all it was a great Halloween and I loved my little pirates.