Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Still Deciding.......

Ok, I have been looking for a new camera for months now. For some reason I can't seem to decide what to buy. Cannon vs. Nikon. DSLR vs. Full Body. Do I really want to fork out that much money?

Many of you may know Mike and knows that he shakes (don't worry nothing is wrong with him), so whenever he takes the picture it is usually blurry. So image stabilization is very very important. I also have a kid that DOESN'T sit still for pictures so I need something with a quick shutter speed and that doesn't have a lag time. I also need video because pictures can't capture some precious moments (when Grant decides that he wants to dance with his movie or when he decides that he wants to work out with me in the morning).

So here is where you can help: What camera do you use? Advantages and Disadvantages.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We had a fun Family Home Evening over at the Gabbitases'. We grilled burgers and ate, then G and Taylor each got a kid-sized popsicle to eat out on the porch. Then we went down to the pool for the show.

As you can see, G is stupid awesome. That last jump on the vid was his first where he actually jumps, gets some space between him and the earth, then lands in the pool and goes clear to the bottom. You can kind of tell I got a touch nervous for a second. He didn't even notice it. He couldn't wait to try it again.

It'll be interesting to see how G handles the ocean when we go to Oceanside with my family during the week leading up to the Fourth. I think it'll kick his butt. But I also think he'll love it. Stay tuned.

You'll also notice I wear a rashguard while swimming now. I have two of them that I got for my birthday. It's lighter than a t-shirt and dries faster. I love it. I would definitely recommend it to my brothers, and by "brothers" I mean all men everywhere, but especially my brothers. We got none of Dad's brains and all his talent for weak facial hair and flabby pastiness.

But we make some pretty good kids. So all you fellas with beards and bods can eat it.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Last week I got to see one of my college friends that I met while were were on study abroad in Jerusalem. It was great to see her. She was actually visiting the Phoenix area on her book tour. She just published her second book called "Boyology"; it is actually a guide to help teen girls on dating. What girl doesn't need help with dating and boys!!! I sure wish that I had this book when I was a teenager. It would have helped a ton.

Mike, Grant, and I met Sarah and her husband Grant at the bookstore and I got to see Sarah in action. She was SO GREAT talking to the teens and answering all the teen questions about boys.

Everybody check her out because she is amazing

The last week I have been thinking a lot about Jerusalem and all the fun things that Sarah and I experienced. We had so much fun together. It is just amazing the different directions our lives go and we can still remain friends with certain people.

Me and Sarah on one of our adventures

Sunday, June 7, 2009

My little fish!

Grant started swimming lessons this past week. He loves it. Mike gets to take him and they love going together. Grant isn't one bit afraid of the water. On the second day of swimming lessons Grant was already climbing out of the pool and jumping in the water to Mike. Mike makes sure that he gets all the way in the water so he actually knows what it is really like to jump in the water.

Grant started out in the baby class but soon moved up because he was one of the oldest and the most active in his class. He is learning how to flutter kick and blow bubbles in the water.

Yesterday we went swimming as a family, so I could see my son in action. Can I say it is scary. Grant will go completely under the water by himself and we have to pull him out. He was doing it on purpose and would just come up smiling. He didn't care that I was freaked out and that I had to stay so close to him.

Hopefully one day we can actually go swimming and not worry too much about him going under the water.

Memorial the Ranch

For Memorial Day we took the family to Mike's grandparent's ranch up in the white mountains.  It turned out to be a very cold weekend while we were there, but we had so much fun.  Grant couldn't stay out of the mud puddles.  Mike spent the whole weekend working on his "buggy".  He finally got it to run and we took it out for several spins.  Of course it still wasn't 100% but at least he got it working.  

Me and Grant on the buggy.

Grant on Grandpa's homemade toy that spins around.
Grandpa spent all last summer working on this.  It spins around, but it isn't straight at all.  One side is 5-6 inches off the ground.  The other side is 1-2 inches off the ground.  Oh well, Grandpa was just trying to make some new toys for the grandkids.

Oh my gosh, can this boy jump.  He loves to jump and we can't keep him off the tramp.  He actually gets air.  I tried to capture a picture of it but didn't quite get it.  

Grant helping dad with the buggy.

Mike and Grant flying kites.