Sunday, January 30, 2011

Growing to Fast

Lincoln is now 9 months. We love this little boy to death. He is completely a mama's boy. I pass him off to Mike and Lincoln has to keep his eyes locked on me. And most of the times I just have to leave the room so that Mike can actually give him loves.

(Playing outside in our sand)

Lincoln loves his brother Grant and always has to see what he is doing. Linc is pretty mellow. He has also started crawling the last couple of weeks. He is pretty slow but he is getting lots faster. He hasn't attempted the stairs yet but I think it will only be a matter of time.

(This is what happens when I am on a conference call and I turn him around to find pen on his face. He only had the pen for a few seconds. Silly boy!)

We just love this kid to death!!!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

G turns THREE

I can't believe that Grant is now three. Mike and I love him to death and he constantly says the funniest things. He has a great imagination and LOVES LOVES movies or DBDB's as he calls them. He is so sweet and he is always telling me "Mom I lub you." He loves his little brother and is always giving him loves and wrestling with him. Thankfully Lincoln loves Grant just as much.

My mom has a tradition on every grand kid's 3rd birthday she takes them to Build a Bear. It just happened to that my mom was in town close to Grant's birthday. So we drove down to Mesa and met my mom at Build a Bear.

We had been talking about it with Grant and he was SOOOO excited. He ran to the store. He had a hard time choosing which animal to make but finally settled on a dog.

We told him he could only have one dog so he put back the other dog and settle on this little pup.

He got to stuff it.

He got to give it a air bath.

He even got to choose an outfit for it. He of course picked the one with the sword which just happened to be a Jedi with a Lightsaber.

He even got a stroller to push the dog around in. He pushed the dog around the whole mall and sometimes he even switched strollers with me so got to push Lincoln and I got to push Gilbert the Jedi dog.

We had cake at the Kellis' and thanks to Costco for making a dinosaur cake that Grant just loved. I just couldn't beat last year's cake or the year before so we went took the easy route on a cake this year.

Grant wanted a birthday hat so we settled on a crown from the holiday poppers that just happened to be on sale right after Christmas. It was also a great little prize for all the cousins.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oh soooo Late

Well I had good intentions in December to mail out a Christmas card. However, I didn't get them out before I moved and so they got packed in a box (yes, I had already printed them). Once I finally found them (after Christmas), I was going to mail them out since it was just a week or two late. I then purchased envelopes at Target and then I left my bag of items in the bottom of my shopping cart in the parking lot. Well I of course had to re-buy them. When I sat down to put them in the envelopes of course they didn't fit. I officially gave up. So for the last week or longer I have needed to post our Christmas card on our blog since you won't be receiving our pretty little faces in the mail until next Christmas.

Sorry but this is all you get. If you really want a hard copy I have 30 or more printed out that I can mail you (but that would require me to get some stamps and possibly leave my house - which I don't do very often).

Soon I will be posting Grant's birthday and some pictures of our house (well when I get a free minute.)

Monday, January 3, 2011

December Run Down

The month of December got away from us. We had lots of things going on.

December 4th
We attended the Cottonwood Christmas Parade in the morning. Grant loved getting the candy and was completely encouraged by his parents to run in the road to retrieve his treasures.

Later that night we attended the Ledbetter Kids Christmas party. We got to see Santa and go for a carriage ride around Old Town Cottonwood. Grant has NO fear of Santa at all. When Santa showed up Grant was just walking out of Mike's office and went up to Santa and said "Hi Santa, my name is Grant." Grant then put his hand out to shake Santa's hand. Mike's boss witnessed the whole thing and thought it was hilarious.

New Sleeping Arrangements

Lincoln has found himself a new sleeping position.

December 18th - The BIG Move

We officially moved on December 18th. A huge thanks to everybody that helped. Mike was a trooper. He loaded most of the truck on Friday night with help from his dad. So on Saturday morning we didn't have too much left to do. We slept the night at the Kellis' house. I went and got the boys around 9 and brought them back home and Grant went in his room and said, "Where's my bed and my toys?" I told him they were in the big truck outside and that we were taking them to our new house in Cottonwood. I am not sure he understood because as I was finishing up a few last last minute things he kept asking me if he could watch a DBD (DVD). I asked him where the TV was and he would look and ask me back where it was.

As Mike was getting ready to leave in the truck Grant was having a pretty rough time and didn't want Mike to leave. I think all the change was getting to him. So to prevent Mike from leaving he stood in the door way.


We got a few things unpacked before we headed to Utah for Christmas. Since we didn't have much of a Christmas season I thought it would be fun to have some Christmas things amongst all the boxes in our new house.

Grant and I made a Gingerbread house. Lincoln even helped a little by grabbing the roof and making sleigh tracks with his little fingers.

We also had a mini Christmas before we left so we didn't have to take as many toys just to bring them back home. Grant even helped me decorate the mini Christmas tree.

(Don't mind Mike's hair I guess he had a long day at work.)

Grant showing off his glasses that came with his DVD of Despicable Me. He loves the glasses and frequently asks me to put them on him.

Christmas in UTAH

After only 5 nights in our house we headed to Utah and left our mess of boxes behind. I guess we were a little crazy but oh well.

We celebrated Christmas Eve at my mom's house with my whole family and we even had a nativity.

(Grant and Conlin fighting because Grant wanted to sit down but Conlin was Joseph so he gets to sit by Mary.)

Christmas Morning before the chaos started.

We had a Christmas party at my dad's the day after Christmas and the kids had a blast running around in his dance room.

Grant got to spend LOTS of time with his cousins. It is so great to have so many little babysitters to watch/play with the boys.

December 29th

We headed home in the middle of a snow storm. The roads actually weren't too bad until we got to Panguich. Our ride from Panguich and just past Kanab was pretty rough. Thankfully I was asleep with the boys in the back seat and Mike did a great job driving without having a back seat driver.

We hit another storm just north of Flagstaff but the roads were ok still. However, we hit some traffic in Flagstaff and come to find out I-17 had been shut down because of the snow. By that time is was almost 6:00 and we were being routed off the freeway. We quickly found the nearest hotel knowing the road wouldn't be open anytime soon.

We did finally make it home late afternoon on the 30th once they opened up the roads.