Thursday, August 27, 2009

What I want NOW!!!

Alright for several years now I have been receiving the Lucky Magazine and I love it. It gives me some great ideas for fashion and beauty tips that I would have never found out about. Any way every month they have a section that some of the editors put together is is entiled "What I want Now". It allows each individual to choose the latest fashion trends they want.

So here is my....

What I want NOW


Hopefully to spend with Grant and Mikey.


Don't you just love this sweater. It is so girly. I just want flowers on everything right now. I love the detail it provides to any outfit.
Thanks JCrew.

Vacation A nice long vacation with Mikey.


The Beach

A pair of Great Shoes.

I haven't found them yet but when I do I will get you a picture.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

oH the pLagUe

While we were in Utah our family picked up some kind of bug. We aren't sure what it is but it has been brutal. Mike has 2 ear infections and a pretty bad cough. Grant threw up for 3 days and now has diarrhea. I have been having some stomach issues too, but not nearly as bad as Grant.

So to say the least this week has been quite eventful. However, we have managed to get some laughs out of it.

Funny things Grant has said/did this week:
While taking a trip to get out of the house Mike took Grant to Bass Pro. When they were looking at the boats Grant said "Bubbles". (Grant currently loves bubbles and will shake his sippy cup so he can see bubbles.) Mike thought it was kind of strange so he asked Grant, "where are the bubbles?" Grant in turn points to his belly and then says "Ut-oh". Mike knew that probably wasn't a good sign and was hoping to make it home without a big mess in the car. However, the car seat needed a deep cleaning.

Grant now knows that you get bubbles in your stomach when you have an upset stomach. He has now said "Bubbles" for his belly a couple of times.

Funny things I get from Mike:
I received the following email from Mike earlier this week.

Subject Line: Ano

He just sat on my head and wet farted! It's bad. It's really really bad.

And I received the following email from Mike yesterday.

Subject Line: I need a Hazmat suit

He did four hours. When I went in to get him I almost passed out. Poor guy.

I later called home to find Grant having a bubble bath and Mike having changed all of Grant's sheets and blankets.

So to say the least we have had quite the eventful week.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Wedding Day

Last week my little brother got married. Yeah!!! We are so happy for him and Esther. They got married in the Draper temple on Wednesday. It was a beautiful day.

Here are a few pictures that I got to take. Mike got mad at me for trying to take more rather than take care of Grant. So I guess this is all we get. Hopefully I can get some from my brother in law.

Cam & Esther are officially married.

Poor Grant having to put up with his bossy cousins. However, they do really love him because they called me several times on our way up to Utah wondering when they would get to see Grant.

The nieces dancing while waiting for Cam and Esther to come out of the temple.

The boys with Cam. Spencer and Grant I guess really didn't want to be in the picture.

Funny faces.

All the boys.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Date night!

Friday was date night for me and Grant. Since this month I have been working like crazy I haven't had a chance to really spend quality time with Grant. Mike was busy Friday night studying and helping somebody move, so I decided to take Grant to his first movie.

I have been wanting to take Grant to the movies for a little while. However, I wasn't sure if he would sit through a whole movie. I also didn't want to pay full price for a movie either in case we had to leave. So I found the $1 theater close to us (well in AZ it is the $2.50 theater).

When I got home from work on Friday I picked up Grant and we headed to the theater. I hadn't ever been to that theater before so I called Mike a couple of times to see if he knew exactly where the theater was at the mall.

When we got to the mall I found the theater and Grant and I walked inside. We were kind of in a hurray because the movie was going to start. As we were walking in Grant saw a water fountain outside and pointed to it and said "wah-wah." I told him that we would see it when we got done with the movie.

Inside the theater we paid for a our ticket and bought some popcorn. My hands were full with my purse, Grant's sippy, Grant's teddy and Grant. So I set Grant on the counter as we were paying for our tickets and popcorn. As soon as the lady set down the popcorn Grant grabbed a large handful. I knew I couldn't carry Grant while carrying the popcorn so I set him down to follow me. We went and put some butter on our popcorn and Grant just couldn't resit the popcorn that fell on the floor. So I gave him another handful of popcorn from our bag so he wouldn't eat the popcorn on the floor. However, he just couldn't leave all that popcorn on the floor. So I had to grab his hand and drag him along. We finally made it to where we turn in our tickets. Of course there was more spilled popcorn on the floor. Grant just couldn't resist that popcorn either. After some persuasion we finally made it in the theater.

While entering the theater I grabbed a booster seat for Grant. I set the booster in his chair and realized how was I going to get Grant into the chair. I couldn't set the popcorn down on the ground because it would spill all over. I know for sure I can't pick Grant up with one hand because he is just too heavy. I then realized that I might be able to fit the popcorn in between the folding seat. Sure enough it worked and I got Grant situated in his booster.

We only sat in our chairs for a couple of minutes before the movie started. As soon as the big screen went on Grant was transfixed. He loved it. He would point to things and tell me about them. He saw a picture of a cat and of course started to meow. Thankfully the theater only had about 10 people in it so I didn't feel bad that he was talking.

Grant munched on popcorn for the first 45 min of the movie. Every time I would try to move the popcorn (because he wasn't eating it) he would look at me and say "noooo." Good thing for the popcorn because Grant stayed in his seat for that whole 45 min. After that he moved to my lap for the rest of the movie. The movie was 1 hour 34 min which was about 10 min to long for Grant. But he did great.

Next movie on our list is "UP". Hopefully it will be at the $1 theater soon.

After the movie I had promised Grant that we would see the fountain. Of course he remembered. As soon as we got outside he started running toward the fountain.

Hopefully Grant and I can have another date night soon.