Tuesday, November 18, 2008

10 Months ... where has time gone

Grant was officially 10 months old yesterday. I can’t believe how big he is getting.

Grant loves…

to SMILE. Every time you walk into a room Grant will pretty much greet you with a smile. I love it.

CHURCH. Yes, that is right Grant loves church. He loves to stand on the bench and watch everybody behind him. He loves to make everybody laugh and I think he captures everybody’s attention that is within site.

to BE INDEPENENT. Is he too young for this? When he is on a mission there is no distracting him and no helping him.

to READ. I try to read to Grant everyday. He knows that there are books on his shelf above his crib. Every time he sees me start to grab them he gets so excited and starts waving his arms up and down.

to WALK. We have a walker, watch out. He has been attempting to walk for about 6 weeks now (ever since he learned he could stand on his own), but he has really taken off in the last week.

his BATH. He loves everything about taking a bath.

to EXPLORE. When the door opens Grant is on his way out. He opens all the cupboards and sometimes even climbs in. He has also gotten stuck under the bed before.

to PLAY WITH DAD. He absolutely loves Mike and often uses Mike to be his personal jungle gym.

Grant is starting to learn the presence of people in the room. He now notices when Mike and I walk out of the room. Of course he doesn’t like when we do leave the room and often times he comes following after us crying. But of course we still love him and wouldn’t trade him for the world.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voter Education Required?

Yes, I did vote today. I was in and out in about 30 minutes, not too bad. As the election was approaching I tried to do my best to educate myself about the various candidates and propositions. Many of these votes will determine the outcome for the next several years if not longer. I felt like it was my duty to be informed. I hope that everybody else in America was well informed about their decision and did their research before they cast their vote. However, I feel that is not the case.

I think many people rely on news media and commercials to determine their vote. Don't get me wrong they both are pretty good resources but each has their bias views. I tried to view each side of the media; in the morning before work I try to watch Fox News and MSNBC so that I get a balance of conservative and liberal views. It has been interesting to view each news stations spin on various items.

As many of you know AZ had a proposition to add an amendment to the AZ Constitution to define marriage. There has been many commercials flooding the air ways about both sides of this decision. As watching these commercials and what the opposing side was stating in their commercial I was appalled by the flat out lies and the misleadings. If voters aren't informed how do they know that the commercials are misleading.

If you plan to vote please be educated about your decision no matter what side of the fence you fall.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Grant's first Halloween.

He loved every minute of it, but he did keep trying to pull off his hood.

The family at Trunk or Treat.

Our little Dragon.

We attended Trunk or Treat at our church. It was great. Grant really enjoyed watching the kids come and play our ball toss game. Mike made a ghost and a pumpkin for the kids to toss balls at. By the time we got home Grant was exhausted and happy to be put in his bed.