Sunday, September 11, 2011

Frog for Dinner


Before church this morning I was preparing the chicken to cook.  Grant was pretty bored so I thought he might enjoy seeing the chicken and helping.  Of course there wasn't much helping since the recipe is super easy.  I told him I had to pull out the stuff inside.  He of course told me it wasn't a chicken it was a frog.  So we continued with the chicken being a frog the rest of the morning.  After we cleaned and dried the chicken I told him we had to tie it up.  He said, "It is a nice frog and we shouldn't tie it up."  I told him we just had to tie its legs up so he said that was ok then.  As I was tucking the wings under he asked what I was doing so I told him and he then said, "I want to eat the wings."  I told him OK he can have the wings after we cook it.  He was so concerned about where the frog went when I put it in the oven.  He checked on it in the oven too.  When we sat down for dinner I told Grant that he had frogs on his plate.  He said, "One frog and two frogs."

So if you want frogs for dinner this is a great recipe.  The only changes that I made are that I used dried thyme and I added a lemon to the cavity and added some lemon wedges to the sides and put some lemon juice on the breast.  It turned out yummy and so easy because it cooked while we were at church.  

(A huge thanks for pinterest for helping me find this recipe yesterday!!!!  Want some other great ideas from pinterest you can go to )