Sunday, February 27, 2011

Linka Binka

Linc turned {10 months} old this week. We still just love this kid to death. He is a great little boy and such a joy to have around the house. Here are some things that Linc loves:

FOOD: This kid loves food. He usually isn't picky (unless it is formula vs breast milk). He can usually eat 2 to 3 jars per meal. He just pounds it. I usually make his baby food and he seems to like the made stuff better. Of course he is starting to enjoy finger food and some meals will only eat food we put on his tray.

GRANT: Linc loves Grant so much. Grant can get him to laugh when nobody else can. Grant sometimes climbs into Linc's crib to play with him. The playing usually consists of Grant bouncing up and down and sometimes jumping over Linc. Thankfully the door is shut and I don't know everything that goes on.

(This isn't usually where Linc sleeps but I was repainting his crib last weekend.)

SWINGING: When the weather is nice we try to go to the park down the street and Linc loves the swing. He could probably stay in the swing the whole time at the park if he could.

CRAWLING: He is starting to become quite the crawler and can get anywhere he wants to go. He often follow me or Mike around the house. We call him our little puppy dog.

CLIMBING: Linc has figured out how to climb up on things. He often gets frustrated because he isn't sure how to get down from standing up. We just laugh at him as he is holding on for dear life just crying.

BATH TIME: Linc knows when it is bath time. For the past month or so Mike has been in charge of baths. So as soon as Mike starts walking upstairs Linc gets so excited. If Linc has been being fussy after dinner as soon as the water turns on in the bathroom he is SO excited and is a completely different kid.

Mike and I think that Grant and Linc look so much alike. We often like to compare pictures of both of them at the same age. So here is some comparisons for you to see for yourself.

Click here to see what Grant was up to at 10 months old.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Master BedRoom

Our master bedroom is larger than any bedroom we have lived in. We love it. Mike's favorite feature is the double sinks. Having only one sink was not an option in our new house. We have been sharing sinks for the last 8 1/2 years which I think was way too long (for Mike). I didn't really care but I guess I was always the one hogging the sink.

(I am thinking about changing out the knobs on my dresser; what do you think?)

Also no more getting kicked out of the bathroom in the middle of doing my hair. Thanks bathroom door.

We actually get to share a closet too. I don't think that we have ever shared a closet since we have been married. The closets in our old houses have usually been a regular size closet but only big enough for my clothes. However, we now have plenty of room and the closet isn't even full (I don't think it ever will be since I don't like to keep junk.)

I am sad to say that our bedroom will be changing soon. Sad I know but we have out grown our queen bed (well one of us has). I am sad since I {LOVE} my bed and have loved it since I got it as my college graduation present. However, here is a sneak peek of the items bedroom to come.

(Mike hates the flowered chair (we can't have flower anything) but the bed we picked is so masculine and I need to lighten it up a bit. I am hoping that it turns out OK once I get everything put together. More to come later.)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Kitchen & Dining

I can't tell you how much I {LOVE} my kitchen. It is big and open and I have a ton of counter space. The one bad thing about a ton of counter space is things tend to get left on the counter which I really don't like. It took me weeks after we moved it to get the island cleaned off from just random stuff.

We also have carpet in our dining room. Not sure why they just didn't continue the tile. It just doesn't work well with kids because of all the spills. I think we will end up replacing it with hardwood.

Yep, the junk ZONE. It is the dumping ground for everything right now. I made an attempt to get it clean yesterday. The problem was that the office wasn't completely set up so papers/bills got piled there along with a few other items. I am hoping to have it cleaned off today.

(Can I also tell you how much I had electrical cords showing. I hate I hate I hate. I wish everything was just wireless so I didn't have to worry about the cords showing or my kids pulling on the cords. Does anybody have any tips or tricks on hiding cords?)

Oh and we have track lighting. I think we will have to replace that soon.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Entry & Great Room

Here is your SECOND tour which includes the entry way and the great room/living room. (Don't worry more will come later.)

The entry way leading into the Great Room.

The table that seems to be the dumping ground for when Mike comes home from work. It was clean at one point. Don't mind the other things on the floor (the box is Grant's shoes that I just bought that are too big and the metal pieces need to be hung somewhere around the house).

We have a large Great Room and we aren't sure what to do with all the space. The toys have taken over part of it and I need to figure something out soon. SUGGESTIONS PLEASE..........

Toys and more toys....

Now you get to see it when it is mostly clean..(with two little boys puttering around).

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The House

I know you have ALL by dying to see pictures of our house. I was waiting until most of it was put together. We still have a lot to do and it probably will NEVER be put all the way together.

So you may get to see some messy view but that just means that we actually live in our house and we don't have time to 'stage' the house for viewing pleasure even though I wish my house looked like a magazine.

So here's your first tour of the outside and the backyard.

We have a tandem two car garage. It makes great storage but hard for the second car to park in the garage.

Our backyard doesn't have any landscaping so we will need to put in grass and some plants this spring. (Oh don't mind the fridge on the back porch. We got a new fridge and we need to find a new home for that fridge. Any doesn't work at 100% but it would be a great second fridge....only problem is you have to come get it.)

Our side yard and possible garden spot.

The other side of the house and side yard.