Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cart Surfing

I think Grant and Mike may have created a new sport. Next time you run into Mike at the store he may just ask you to compete in the Cart Surfing war so start prepping your kids. If you haven't had your chance to see these two in action please feast your eyes on the video.

I know you are all wondering how this even got started; well it all begins when your son gets to stay home with his dad everyday and there is no mom around to give guidance. It actually started at WalMart (yes, I know). Grant decided that he wanted to push the cart. Mike got frustrated because they were going to slow and so attempted to push the cart faster. Grant eventually slipped and fell and kept hanging on smiling the whole way as Mike drug him through the store. Grant now loves it and can't wait to push the cart. However, he really doesn't push the cart anymore; he just plops right down on the floor waiting for the surfing to begin. Grant even tries to do it behind his stroller on our carpet at home.

I guess boys will be boys.


Michelle said...

Thanks for the video. That is too funny! Lydia loved it! :)

A funny note. My word verification is "liket." :)

Bethany and Thomas said...

This is hilarious! It would be funny to be a bystander in the store watching...I won't show this to Thomas- he would keep it in mind for our kids later on.

Kr!sty said...

So funny! Boys are great, aren't they. *pray you don't get another one ;) take it from me* Is his shirt totally disgusting by the end of the surf?!

Julie said...

What ever works to keep him happy in the store...Right?!! Haha To to CUTE!

Dianne said...