Monday, October 6, 2008

Mountain Board

Several weeks ago Mike was looking for a cheap mountain board to use when we go visit his Grandparents. Of course he had been shopping the Internet and finally found the best deal at D.I. (Mike has been a frequent shopper of D.I. since we had Grant. I can't complain too much because he actually does find some great things.)

On Friday I came home from work to find that the mountain board had been modified. Yes, it had been baby proofed. Grant is now learning to tear up the cement. I think it will be good practice for when he wants to be a surfer, wake boarder, or even a snowboarder.

Mike also bought a buggy several months ago and we finally got it back from the shop. (No this wasn't a D.I. purchase but it was a Craigslist purchase.)

We took the buggy up to the Ranch this weekend so when we go up again Mike can hopefully actually use the thing.


Susanne said...

How cute! What a great idea to help a baby get used to rolling on a board right from the beginning. Glad Mike got the much anticipate buggy back too.

susan said...

Thanks for inviting us to the blog. Looks like Grant is growing up so cute. The kid is HUGE! It's always fun to have something to ride at the ranch.

Spencer said...

That mountain board is all kinds of awesome.

marilynpatch said...

Thank you for sending me those cute pictures of Grant. Your awesome Mike to modify the mountain board for Grant. He is so cute and growing up way too fast. Love ya

Lauren said...

Looks like conference weekend at the ranch turned out to be lots of fun! So glad you have a blog--I love to see all the cute pics of Baby Grant--LOVE THE HAT!!

Lisa Mc said...

Grant is so cute. What a big boy to be riding on the board. I hope all is well with you. We are doing great now that Khloe is home from the hospital. I miss you, but am glad we can now keep in touch via the blogosphere.

Kr!sty said...

hilarious! Mike is such a dad... love it! Grant is so adorable & again I cannot tell you how much he reminds me of Cam's baby pics?! Yay for becoming a blogger!!!!

Britney Ford said...

I can't believe how big Grant has gotten. . . He is the cutest!!!. . .Tell Mike to enjoy staying home with him, they grow up to dang fast!. . .It looks like you guys are doing great! It is fun to see all the pictures. Keep intouch.