Saturday, February 21, 2009

Grant's New Discovery


Since we live so close to the airport we have so many airplanes fly above our house. Grant now knows the noise an airplane makes and will look in the sky to see if can find the plane. As soon as he spots he points to it and tells me about it. I am not sure what he tells me about it but sometimes it sounds like he is saying "What's that?".

Mike and I now make it a point to show Grant all the airplanes. He loves it because he likes to point them out. I think in the time it has taken me to write this 4-5 planes have gone over head.
Along with the planes Grant has also noticed the birds. I guess they look like mini-airplanes.

Kids are great. What would we do without them. Grant makes me and Mike smile and laugh daily. He is just starting to learn so much and is starting to understand what we are telling him.

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Kr!sty said...

how cute! ican't wait for Denver to discover fun things like airplanes! Grant is so adorable!