Sunday, June 7, 2009

My little fish!

Grant started swimming lessons this past week. He loves it. Mike gets to take him and they love going together. Grant isn't one bit afraid of the water. On the second day of swimming lessons Grant was already climbing out of the pool and jumping in the water to Mike. Mike makes sure that he gets all the way in the water so he actually knows what it is really like to jump in the water.

Grant started out in the baby class but soon moved up because he was one of the oldest and the most active in his class. He is learning how to flutter kick and blow bubbles in the water.

Yesterday we went swimming as a family, so I could see my son in action. Can I say it is scary. Grant will go completely under the water by himself and we have to pull him out. He was doing it on purpose and would just come up smiling. He didn't care that I was freaked out and that I had to stay so close to him.

Hopefully one day we can actually go swimming and not worry too much about him going under the water.