Sunday, June 13, 2010

Swimming Lessons

Grant just completed his two weeks of swimming lessons this past week. He did great. However, he was a little more timid this year. Of course we remember last summer when he would do this. He still loves the water and it took us a little while to get him adjusted to the pool this year. Hopefully by the end of the summer he will be our little fish again.

I got to be his partner this summer and it was fun to have that time with him. I don't know if I pushed him as much as Mike pushes him but I tried my best. I got him to jump in sitting down and love going under the water. However, he still won't stand up and jump in. Last year we got him to jump off the diving board at a neighbors house. We do have all summer to work on it and don't worry we will be going to the pool a lot.


lrbodine said...

What swimming pool did you take them at? I just did 2 weeks at Rhodes and am switching over to Carson.


Jolynn said...

We actually go to Carson since it is just up the street.