Sunday, February 27, 2011

Linka Binka

Linc turned {10 months} old this week. We still just love this kid to death. He is a great little boy and such a joy to have around the house. Here are some things that Linc loves:

FOOD: This kid loves food. He usually isn't picky (unless it is formula vs breast milk). He can usually eat 2 to 3 jars per meal. He just pounds it. I usually make his baby food and he seems to like the made stuff better. Of course he is starting to enjoy finger food and some meals will only eat food we put on his tray.

GRANT: Linc loves Grant so much. Grant can get him to laugh when nobody else can. Grant sometimes climbs into Linc's crib to play with him. The playing usually consists of Grant bouncing up and down and sometimes jumping over Linc. Thankfully the door is shut and I don't know everything that goes on.

(This isn't usually where Linc sleeps but I was repainting his crib last weekend.)

SWINGING: When the weather is nice we try to go to the park down the street and Linc loves the swing. He could probably stay in the swing the whole time at the park if he could.

CRAWLING: He is starting to become quite the crawler and can get anywhere he wants to go. He often follow me or Mike around the house. We call him our little puppy dog.

CLIMBING: Linc has figured out how to climb up on things. He often gets frustrated because he isn't sure how to get down from standing up. We just laugh at him as he is holding on for dear life just crying.

BATH TIME: Linc knows when it is bath time. For the past month or so Mike has been in charge of baths. So as soon as Mike starts walking upstairs Linc gets so excited. If Linc has been being fussy after dinner as soon as the water turns on in the bathroom he is SO excited and is a completely different kid.

Mike and I think that Grant and Linc look so much alike. We often like to compare pictures of both of them at the same age. So here is some comparisons for you to see for yourself.

Click here to see what Grant was up to at 10 months old.

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